Meteor Triple

Meteor Triple

Meteor Triple, an ancient beer with a modern twist!

Meteor Triple is inspired by the tradition of medieval triple beers, but with a more modern and personal touch.

Brief history: triple beers have triple in name only! It has nothing to do with the number of ingredients or the number of fermentations. These beers originated in the Middle Ages, when they were brewed by monks. Rather strong in terms of alcohol (between 7° and 10°), they were intended for prestigious guests, as opposed to double or single beers, lighter in alcohol and less rich in flavor, intended for more modest castes.

  • ABV : 8% 

  • Plato : 18,7°

  • Colore (EBC): 18

  • Bitterness (IBU): 18

  • Colour : Amber, clear and brilliant

  • Nose : Floral, slightly spicy and citrus

  • Flavour : The first taste is powerful with a very present character. The roundness of the alcohol mingles with the subtle citrus and spicy notes of the coriander. The bitterness remains moderate on the finisg. 

We chose to combine an 8% alcohol beer with cold-infused coriander to create a full-bodied beer with a rich taste. Its bouquet of spicy and fruity aromas combines boldly with an assertive sweetness: Meteor Triple is an amazing beer that combines strength and sweetness!

Available in Draft 20  liter one way keg.

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