Meteor Cerise

Meteor Cerise

Meteor Cerise, based on cherry juice!

For this new fruity recipe with balanced flavors, we selected a cherry variety with a distinctive personality.

This small, dark fruit has the distinction of being sour! This precious and fragile variety lends its garnet red color to a richly flavored malt beer.

  • ABV : 5,5% 

  • Plato : 16,5°

  • Colore (EBC): 25

  • Bitterness (IBU): 13

  • Colour : Deep and shiny red. Unfiltered to enhance the tasting experience (you may therefore observe a small cherry fruits deposit)

  • Nose : Distinctive ripe cherries notes and hints of sour fruits. 

  • Flavour : Smooth with bursting cherry flavours, nice malty aromas and balancing sour notes

With Meteor Cerise you will discover an inventive, delicious, not too sweet, deep and complex beer!

Available in Draft 20 liter one way keg.

Medals : 

- Gold medal at the World Beer Awards 2023

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