Meteor Blonde De Garde

Meteor Blonde De Garde

Meteor Blonde De Garde, tasting beer!

This top-fermented blond ale owes its distinctive character to the maturation process: the 21 days spent in the cellar allow it to develop its finesse and depth. The result is a subtle blend of woody and vanilla notes..

  • ABV : 7,2% 

  • Plato : 17,5°

  • Colore (EBC): 17

  • Bitterness (IBU): 17

  • Colour : Clear, golden with subtle amber glow

  • Nose : Notes of vanilla and spices

  • Flavour : Gourmet beer with a long finish. Caramel, but also spicy, woody and slightly rum notes thanks to the maturation process. A complete and balanced beer that warms the palate. 

It is a beer with a strong character, with its 7.2 percent alcohol content wisely offset by an assertive sweetness.

Available in 25cl and 75cl bottles

Our medals:

  • Silver Medal at the World Beer Awards in 2023 

  • Bronze Medal at the International Beer Challenge in 2022 

  • Gold Medal at the "Concours Internation de Lyon" in 2023

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