Meteor Blanche

Meteor Blanche

Meteor Blanche, intensely fresh

  • ABV : 4,7% 

  • Plato : 11,7°

  • Colore (EBC): 6

  • Bitterness (IBU): 11

  • Colour : Hazy gold

  • Foam : Pure white 

  • Nose : Citrus note 

  • Flavour : A hint of acidity, spices, thirst~quenching, light discreet bitterness, very fresh

  • Enjoy with: "fish and chips", a fresh salad with blue cheese..

Available in 33 cl bottles and Draft 20L one way keg

Our medals:

  • Silver Medal at the Best French Wines, Beers & Spirits Asia 

  • Bronze Medal at the Best French Beers for the USA in 2022

  • Bronze Medal at the international beer challenge 

  • Silver Medal at the best french beers for Asia in 2019

  • Bronze Medal at the New York beer competition in 2019




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