Meteor Noël

Meteor Noël

The taste of unforgettable Christmas

Brief history: “Bière de Noël” used to be a beer with a much spicier recipe that was enjoyed only by the employees.

  • ABV : 5,8% 

  • Plato: 14,3°

  • Colore (EBC): 18

  • Bitterness (IBU): 13

  • Colour : Amber with hints of caramel

  • Foam : Fine and pure white 

  • Nose : The smell of Christmas, mulled spiced and orange 

  • Flavour : Traditional winter beer with festive spices and zest of orange with a good lightness 

  • Enjoy with: foie gras.

Available in 25cl and 65cl bottles, in Draft 20 liter one way keg.

In pack of 4x25cl + 1 glass and a pack of 1x65cl + 2 glasses

Our medals:

  • Silver Medal at the "Concours Général Agricole" in 2018

  • Gold Medal at the Brussels Beer Chalenge in 2017

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