Designed for hops lovers, the METEOR HOPSTAR recipe is hopped hot with Strisselspalt hops and a second time cold, according to the DRYHOPPING method with MISTRAL hops.

  • Color . Golden and cloudy, unfiltered
  • Nose : very hoppy with some fruity notes from the MISTRAL hops used, rich malt hints, powerful nose of a beer of character.
  • Palate : intense and powerful, with a very good balance between the predominant hopy notes, malty notes and notes of fine alcohols.

Alcohol: 6.1% alc.vol

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Sébastien talks about Dry Hopping.

METEOR INK is a black beer Baltic Porter style, the work of malts gives it a roasted character compensated by a softness that brings him softness.

  • Color . Translucent black and very dense foam
  • Nose : frank notes of coffee and caramel.
  • Mouth : Roasted malts (brown malt, chocolate) have "coffee" aromas. Side notes "caramel" and "higher alcohols". Bitterness moderated by the softness.

Alcohol: 6.7% alc.vol

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Nathalie explains the role of selected malts.

Meteor OPALE is a beer with light and bitter wheat malt.

  • Color : pale blonde color disorder
  • .
  • Nose : fruity notes, hints of cereals and malts, slightly hopped, typical notes of high fermentation beers.
  • Mouth : banana hints, hints of acidity and spice due to yeasts in suspension, light and thirst-quenching beer, discreet bitterness.

Alcohol: 5% alc.vol

  I share my tasting

Jean-François talks about yeasts.

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